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The best yet simple decision we took lately for the @algolia documentation is to automate our deploys.

No more manual deploys. Everything we merge to our main branch automatically goes live on a consistent schedule (if checks are passing).

This is simple, yet it has a ton of benefits.

First, no more manual deploys. Having to manually run a deploy script requires switching branch and context. It's annoying and doesn't scale.

With automated deploys, we don't even think about it. We merge and forget.

Second, frequent releases. Releasing often is a good practice. You don't want to be romantic about it.

We deploy the @algolia documentation every two hours, from 10AM to 4PM UTC. That's up to four deploys a day (we don't deploy if there are no changes).

Third, enforced guidelines. We like automation, but we want to stay in control. That's why we don't run any deploys during weekends, and only deploy in the morning on Fridays.

By removing human intervention, we respect these rules, and this is safer for the product.

Fourth, optimized builds. Our build is fast, but it still takes up resources that we must share with the rest of the company.

Scheduled deploys are much more efficient than deploying on merge or on demand, because it batches changes. Builds are optimized, yet frequent.

And fifth, inversion of control. With a clear and automated release process, contributors are in charge. They can merge when they're ready to deploy, and follow the schedule.

No more "can you deploy this" or "is it live yet". People are empowered, and own the full process 👊

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