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Your "burn out" may actually be depression.

It was for me.

I'm guessing it wasn't just me.


1/ It's a lot easier (and socially accepted) to say you are burnt out than it is to say you are depressed.

Burn out needs a break, R&R, vacation, a massage, calibration, etc.

Depression needs hard self-work, love, community, and time.

2/ Burn out means you worked so hard you deserve a break.

Depression feels like you failed. It has been constructed to make you feel like you're broken.

You're not. You need more than a break.

3/ Here's what's helping me along the way:


It may take some time to find the right person. Bad therapy sucks.

Not all therapy is bad.

PS - Access and stigma are such important things to solve here.

4/ Meditation.

It may take time to find the right guide/style. After dozens of attempts, @wakingup is the first one that really resonated with me.

5/ Labeling.

Even if just for yourself. But it helps cut through the bs when you share with others if you can call it what it is. I Don't Want to Talk About It by @terryreal was insightful for me 

6/ Mourning losses.

I've been raised to keep my highs low and my lows high.

But, it is necessary to mourn losses. And not just obvious losses. The loss of the perfect outcome, job, relationship, project, etc.

(actually celebrating wins is an import balance here too)

7/ Leaning on my people.

My wife, therapist, good friends, peers, and kids.

My therapist describes himself as a chair leg. You can't balance on 1 or two legs for terribly long.

You'll be surprised by willing people are to be there for you.

8/ What's worked for you?

If you need someone to talk to about it, I'm here.

Whoever needs to hear this: Keep it up. It's not a short ride. It f'n sucks. But you've got this.

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