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Momentum for nuclear energy is growing rapidly but @Greenpeace is trying to kill it — & time is short!

Please join @ziontree, me, & other environmentalists in one of 30+ cities worldwide to Stand Up for Nuclear in September!

And please retweet this now!


Momentum is growing!

In June, pro-nuclear activists in Paris protested in front of @Greenpeace headquarters, generating major news media attention by @lemondefr & @Reuters

Shortly before, former Extinction Rebellion spokesperson @ziontree announced she would campaign for nuclear power in the UK


Around the world there are pro-nuclear environmentalists who are still too frightened to come out publicly as pro-nuclear

If you are pro-nuclear and out, please commit to organize or attend a Stand-Up this September!

You'll give courage to pro-nuclear people in the closet!

Please share these facts:

- Nuclear is safest way to make electricity

- Nuclear is the only zero-carbon and scalable replacement to fossil fuels

- Nuclear makes nations secure and strong


Nuclear is the only *scalable* zero-carbon alternative to fossil fuel

- nuclear is largest zero-carbon energy source in developed nations

- solar/wind depend on nat gas

- hydro is highly limited & tapped out in developed world

- Germany spends nearly 2x for electricity that produces 10x more carbon emissions than French electricity

- German electric prices skyrocketed as it shut down nuclear & scaled up solar & wind

- Now, killing of endangered birds has halted Germany's industrial wind expansion

Nuclear is safest way to make electricity according to every major study over last 50+ years

7M lives shortened annually from air pollution

Nuclear has saved ~2M lives to date!

Incredibly, @Greenpeace is now openly working with @Shell kill off nuclear energy in Europe
— and sell natural gas & industrial to EU politicians

Greenpeace's annual budget is ~$350M (!) and it will not reveal its donors

Wonder why that is?

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