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Build proof, sell product: (thread)

1/ Proof without pay

Put things out into the world that prove you know what you're doing.

@visualizevalue published 500~ images before asking anyone to part with their hard earned cash.

2/ Make offers

Based on the reputation you've built, offer products and services that intersect with the interests of your audience and your specific abilities.

For @visualizevalue this is $20k+ consulting engagements through $19 digital products.

3/ Leverage customer proof

As customers use your products and hire you for your services, ask them to share feedback on their experience.

For @visualizevalue, this is a follow-up sequence built into the distribution of digital products.

4/ Keep publishing

This proof loop is dependent on the ability to generate top of funnel attention, consistently build reputational equity, and build products that deliver value.

Capture attention by leveraging the platforms that aggregate it.

5/ Give more away

What you're prepared to share for free is an indication of the quality of content that lies behind your paywall.

Constantly share the work you're doing behind the scenes to build value for your paying customers.

6/ Be transparent

Trust is built when incentives are clearly articulated.

I am writing this to connect with likeminded people, some of which will end up buying something at some point (if I do my job well).

7/ Sell

Word of mouth is useful, but putting the growth of your business entirely in the hands of people that have their own lives to worry about is not a particularly strong strategy.

To summarize:

Put your work out there until people believe in your ability enough to pay you to help them.

To dig deeper, read the reviews on this page and hit buy if you're convinced:


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