This article is published behind a paywall in a "peer-reviewed" journal. It's actually a racist rant against which all who care about academic standards should protest. #BlackInTheIvory

I'll post it in full, page by page, in this thread. It's vile. 1/ 

"minorities— especially blacks and Hispanics—typically respond only weakly to chances to get ahead through education and work" [unreferenced]. 2/

"Many experts .. thought that 'social barriers' of some impersonal kind were preventing [poor] adults from working— such as racial bias, absence of skills or child care, and so on. But no such clear impediment has been found." [unreferenced] 3/

"Today, the seriously poor are mostly blacks and Hispanics, and the main reason is cultural difference. The great fact is that these groups did not come from Europe." [unreferenced]

"They ... must take much more responsibility for themselves" [unreferenced] 4/

"For immigrants who have just escaped Third World hardships for affluent America, life is already much improved. Why attempt more?" [unreferenced]

"...female-headed families" = "problem" [unreferenced] 5/

"the black middle class....display the same temperament as most whites." [unreferenced]

"Dependent people must finally take charge of
their own fate rather than waiting more passively for outward
change." [unreferenced]

*Whatever else this is, it's not academic writing* /End

PS (highlighted in pink on previous screen shot):

"Publisher’s Note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations."

That is the most blatant statement of moral cowardice I've ever seen from a publisher.

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