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For reasons I can't entirely explain, I have wanted to try cook something in a pit for a while. A pig pit. 🐷🕳🔥
Did some research and found a South American technique called "curanto", which uses hot rocks to create an 'earth oven' as you can see on this illustration.

We found a few rocks the size of 2-3 fists, and threw them in a fire to heat them for a few hours. While heating the stones, we dug the pig pit.

When the fire burned down, we transferred them to the pit with a wheelbarrow.

While the dream is to put food in 'raw', we decided to use covered aluminum trays this first time. I was worried it wouldn't get hot enough, so I didn't cover it completely. In retrospect, we should've. It was plenty hot!

We used a thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the pig ('pork shoulder') in the pit. I was surprised how quickly the temperature rose! It was very, very warm.

Finally we dug out the pig and vegetables. While it was tasty, this was definitely more about trying the technique than the taste. 😂

My eventual goal is to go on a canoe ride with a suckling pig wrapped around my neck, go to the camp site, dig a pit, and do a proper pig pit. 🛶🐖🕳 Had to start somewhere.

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