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One requested and received a transfer after watching Chinese coaches strike teenage players, three sources told ESPN. Another American coach left before the end of his contract because he found the lack of education in the academies unconscionable. 

ESPN: One former coach described watching a Chinese coach fire a ball into a young player's face at point-blank range and then "kick him in the gut."

"We're part of that. The NBA is part of that," the coach said.

ESPN: In Xinjiang, players lived in cramped dormitories; the rooms were meant for two people, but a former coach said bunk beds were used to put as many as eight to 10 athletes in a room. Players trained two or three times a day and had few extracurricular activities.

ESPN: When the players -- some as young as 13 -- weren't training, eating or sleeping, they were often left unsupervised.

ESPN: One former league employee who worked in China wondered how the NBA, which has been so progressive on issues around Black Lives Matter ... could operate a training camp amid a Chinese government crackdown that also targeted NBA employees.

ESPN: "You can't have it both ways," the former employee said. "... You can't be over here in February promoting Black History Month and be over in China, where they're in reeducation camps and all the people that you're partnering with are hitting kids."

ESPN: The repression in Xinjiang is aimed primarily at Uighurs, but foreigners also have been harassed. One American coach said he was stopped by police three times in 10 months. Once, he was taken to a station and held for more than two hours because he didn't have his passport.

ESPN: Because of the security restrictions, foreigners were told they were not allowed to rent housing in Xinjiang; most lived at local hotels.

NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum said the league wasn't aware any of its employees had been detained or harassed in Xinjiang.

The ESPN report says the Xinjiang academy was closed in the Spring of 2019, well before Daryl Morey's tweet damaged NBA's standing in China

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