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You can see which part of the region experienced a shaking intensity of MMI III or above, the threshold at which an alert is supposed to be sent.

Other apps set to the same threshold sent alerts to people in these places.

LA’s earthquake early warning app does not work 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here’s the USGS map showing how its ShakeAlert data should have been geographically deployed.

It wouldn’t have given more than a few seconds advanced notice—but for this earthquake it should have worked. 

Why did LA spend so much time and money to build a custom earthquake early warning app that has never worked?

At this point the city should just encourage everyone to sign up for @EarlyWarningLab’s app—before it’s too late.

One other thing, don’t think LA’s app has this setting, which would have sent an alert this morning even if your phone was on Do Not Disturb. This is from @EarlyWarningLab’s app.

As I typed that there was another aftershock 🤓

LA's earthquake early warning app uses the USGS's ShakeAlert data. If you were inside the area marked MMI 3 you should have gotten an alert.

Don't yell at USGS for not alerting you. Their data worked correctly. LA's app did not.

Like I said—LA's app did not work.

Our mayor is gaslighting us! This is absolutely not true.

We don't even know what the experience of getting an alert *might* be like because THE CITY HAS NEVER PUBLICLY DEMONSTRATED THE APP

One year ago, LA lowered the intensity threshold after the Ridgecrest quakes, but still hasn't shared this basic information:

📢 What sound will it make
📉 Which graphics will be displayed
☠️ How scary will it feel


Talk about a community safety partnership! LA could relaunch the app and train more emergency managers who could help organize pods in every single neighborhood if our money and resources weren't going somewhere else... hmmm I wonder where...

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