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This is a screenshot of people saying 2+2=5. You read that right...2+2=5.

Among them are teachers, educators, and professors who plan on teaching this stuff to your children. So let's talk about what's going on here, why they're doing this, and how we can stop it.

A thread:

To start, lets look at EXACTLY what they say as how they argue here is VERY important.
They don't say 2+2=4 is FALSE. They don't say 2+2 always equals 5. What they say is:

A. 2+2 can sometimes equal 5, And
B. That 2+2 doesn't always equal 4.

Please read that again carefully

Please notice the woke are NOT arguing that 2+2 always equals 5, nor do they argue that 2+2 never equals 4.
The woke think there is no universally correct answer to 2+2 that is objectively true in all situations.

They aren't FALSIFYING 2+2=4, they are DECONSTRUCTING it.

How does deconstruction work?
Deconstruction works by attacking at the level of MEANING. This means that words, ideas, concepts, discourses, art, texts, symbols; whatever is used to MEAN something or communicate gets deconstructed.
Thus deconstruction "destabilizes meaning."

Wokies destabilize meaning because when a things meaning is not stable, clear, and defined the meaning of the thing can be redefined and distorted. Then people can come to any conclusion they want about it. Here are examples from art, architecture and international relations:

Woke people think racism, sexism, and bigotry are baked into the language and concepts we use. Since we think and communicate with language, if the language we use is inherently racist and sexist then our communication, and the ideas we communicate will be racist and sexist...

This extends into Math. The woke argue objectivity and any either/or binary about truth (answers are either true or false) are part of white supremacy. Since math uses objectivity and thinks things can be either true or false, math is rooted in white supremacy. Take a look:

This is Dr. Rochelle Gutierrez.
She thinks math teachers need political knowledge (She thinks math is political), not just knowledge of teaching Math.
And she created a type of math where Humans are no longer-centered.
What she teaches her students is as follows...

Her paper (which has as its keywords diversity and equity) begins with her quoting Dr. Kimmerer, who states that science and traditional knowledge can come together by listening to plants.
I feel the need to state that this is, in fact, a real published academic paper.

Dr. Gutierrez also says the idea math can solve anything is a fallacy. She asks why math:
1. values logic over intuition and asks student to use logic instead of intuition, and
2. teaches people to critique reasoning rather then just appreciate it various reasoning attempts.

The answer to 1 and 2 above appears to simply be "because it is math.

She then suggests that rather then learning "dominant math" students might instead go outside the learn to appreciate the patterns in bird songs.

Again. I must stress that this is in fact a real paper.

Dr. Gutierrez also thinks it is important to ask the students to consider how various forms of problem solving bring joy. Before finally bringing us to her big point...

Dr. Gutierrez states directly that she is not trying to get closer to truth.
This is a stunning admission. This woman is a tenured professor of education at The University of Illinois and she comes right out at says that she is not trying to find truth.

This "I don't care about truth" view is common in social justice circles. For example, Kevin Bird @itsbirdemic (who mocked @conceptualjames and his followers for pushing back at people saying 2+2=5) admits here that he doesn't care about what the truth is when he does science

Let's tie it all together now:
1. The woke attack the meaning of ideas via deconstruction to dissolve them
2. They think racism/ white supremacy is built into every area of western civilization
3. They are not concerned with truth.
So it should be no surprise that:

Dr. Gutierrez thinks that math has been controlled by global white supremacy. So every area of mathematics might come to the conclusions it does because of white supremacy. So even 2+2=4 might be racist or the result of western imperialism. Some even say that directly.

So this is where we are.
So what to do?
1. Push back with clarity. Know your stuff, don't get flustered.
2. Go to school board meetings and just say "no." SJW's show up, you have to as well
3. Learn and educate people.
And finally, you have to speak up.

The time of fear is over, the time has come to boldly call this out in the clear understanding that we are looking for truth. We will not be cowed by accusations of racism, nor will we be brought to heel by social shaming. Call it out, truth is on your side.


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