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Productivity Principles—in 1 tweet

Intense focus on current task

Seek high leverage, let some smaller problems be

Aim for perfection on some things, lower quality on others

Time away from core projects improves energy, learning & outcomes

Further reading & resources👇🏾

On Presence, the book Deep Work by Cal Newport is a good resource for intense focus and more. 

On Priority, the LNO Effectiveness Framework has been my go-to resource for task prioritization.

Years ago, I discovered this concept in a blog post somewhere, adapted it since learning about it, has been career changing and therefore also life changing.

On letting small problems be, very important quote from @tferriss:

"develop the habit of letting small bad things happen. If you don’t, you’ll never find time for the life-changing big things"

On Quality, decide in advance what "done" looks like. Intentionally pick the quality of "done" you're aiming for in the given situation (rather than defaulting to a 10/10 bar for every single thing you do).

Example of how product teams can use this:

On Renewal, learning & growth outside of ongoing work projects is often overlooked by ambitious people because they assume they must spend all available time on core projects.

For more on this, check out this 2½ min segment of a talk I gave in June: 

To sum it all up, lets frame these Productivity Principles as questions

What to work on? What to ignore?

How to get that work done?

What does “done” look like? How good does it need to be?

How can I grow my effectiveness & efficiency?


A sketch of some of the ideas in this thread:

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