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Follow the World Health Organization's instructions to reduce your risk of infection:

1/ Frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

2/ When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue - throw issue away immediately and wash hands.

3/ Avoid close contact with anyone that has fever and cough.

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Some of the latest #Covid19 updates from the publications, journalists, and experts Undark is following. Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 4:30 p.m. (EDT). 🧵#UndarkCovid19

Emerging data suggest pregnancy does appear to make people more vulnerable to severe Covid-19, partly because the coronavirus’ points of attack are already stressed in pregnancy. (By @meredithwadman for @newsfromscience) (1/15) 

Facing spikes of Covid-19 patients and an information vacuum about effective treatments, tensions are playing out between research-oriented doctors and those who see themselves primarily as clinicians. (By @susandominus for @NYTmag) (2/15) 

Clinical trials of targeted antibodies, which could both prevent and treat the disease, are already underway and could produce signs of efficacy in the next few months, perhaps ahead of vaccine trials. (By @sciencecohen for @newsfromscience) (3/15) 

Students, teachers, and parents in Paulding County, Georgia fear their high school’s rushed reopening plans may be spiraling out of control just two days after students returned to class. (By @mollyhc and @ceodonovan for @BuzzFeedNews) (4/15) 

The Novavax data, much like results recently published by Moderna and AstraZeneca, are however too preliminary to draw any conclusions about how well the vaccine might protect against Covid-19, experts said. (By @damiangarde for @statnews) (5/15) 

Although their forecasts and timelines vary, modellers agree on two things: Covid-19 is here to stay, and the future depends on a lot of unknowns. (By @Scudellari for @naturenews) (6/15) 

Researchers studying unusual responses are finding patterns that distinguish patients on the path to recovery from those who fare far worse. (By @KatherineJWu for @nytimes) (7/15) 

Immunity is usually a matter of degrees, not absolutes. And it lies at the heart of many of the Covid-19 pandemic’s biggest questions. (By @edyong209 for @theatlantic) (8/15) 

The scenarios foresaw leaky travel bans, a scramble for vaccines, and disputes between state and federal leaders, but none could anticipate the current levels of dysfunction in the United States. (By @amymaxmen and @jefftollef for @naturenews) (9/15) 

When socializing outside gets harder in much of the U.S., daily life will get more dismal, and public health experts say the virus might spread even further. (By @jpinsk for @theatlantic) (10/15) 

The average workday lengthened by 48.5 minutes in the weeks following stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, and the number of meetings increased by 13 percent, according to a working paper from @nberpubs. (By @jenamcgregor for @washingtonpost) (11/15) 

With the pandemic claiming about a thousand American lives a day, many departments say they lack the money and staff to expeditiously identify people who have been exposed. (Benjamin Lesser, @FedcourtJunkie, @JaimiDowdell, @andreajanuta, @reuters) (12/15) 

Masks are not just helping keep coronavirus at bay — they are providing a financial lifeline to many small businesses that might otherwise be looking into the abyss. (By @JeanneWhalen for @washingtonpost) (13/15) 

Americans are faced with more risk than ever. Understanding how the brain navigates this new reality can build confidence and empathy in everyday decision-making. (By @SmithDanaG for @elemental) (14/15) 

Absent any consistent national messaging, elected officials are left to come up with localized rules, which at times contradict one another, presenting a false choice between personal freedoms and health. (By @ncannellf for @whyy, @khnews) (15/15) 

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