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I'm never going to actually do this because you would all lose your minds, but I kinda wish I could remove @​apply in Tailwind 2.0 😅

Use theme(), it's way simpler with way fewer quirks and gotchas.

If the extra typing bothers you, just stop extracting CSS classes altogether 👀

This is what I mean regarding the theme() function. You don't need @​apply to access your Tailwind design tokens.

Little bit more typing admittedly, but way fewer quirks.

One thing I'm learning from this thread is that a lot of people aren't actually familiar with the Tailwind config/theme object!

It's worth learning — it's foundational for customizing Tailwind with your own colors, fonts, etc. 

The official Tailwind IntelliSense plugin has great autocompletion for the theme() function which is super helpful:

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