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How to turn content into cash: (thread)

1/ Pick a platform

“Fish where the fish are.” — Charlie Munger

Since this wouldn’t be very helpful without context, I’ll use @visualizevalue as an example.

I spent 6 months chumming the water. (visualizing ideas on twitter)

2/ Pick a format

Use creative constraint to make it easier to produce consistently and be consistently recognized.

@visualizevalue assets are black and white vector depictions of high-leverage ideas.

To go back to the fishing metaphor, use the bait that gets you bites.

3/ Publish

The only way to maintain opportunity is to maintain contact.

The longer you produce great content, the more equity you build (to be withdrawn at a later date).

4/ Productize

Whatever the content is on the front-end, there’s an opportunity for product on the back end.

To close out the fishing metaphor: The fish restaurant that sells a recipe book.

For @visualizevalue it’s a design training product:


5/ Pricing

Evaluate the price of an education product by extrapolating the ROI.

If someone leverages what you’re teaching, can they get a 10x return?

Does a $200 investment translate to $2,000 of opportunity? $20,000 over the course of a career? If the product is good, yes.

6/ Shifting mindset

If you have a skillset that you use to do things, understand things or make things, you have an opportunity to help other people learn it.

Content can help you prove your skills, product can help you monetize them.

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