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- is imposing black-outs for a 2nd time in a year

- saw electric prices rise 6x more than rest of US, 2011 - 2019

- is shutting down last nuclear plant which creates cheap, clean, reliable power to 3M people

- is the model Democrats want to impose on the rest of US

California is experiencing rolling black-outs

They could result in heat stroke and even death for sick and elderly from lack of air conditioning

The causes are incompetence, corruption, and unreliable renewables


The black-outs are a result of political corruption and incompetence by @GavinNewsom and his cronies who have been ruining California for 50+ years


California is often cited as a climate leader but

- in-state emissions from electricity rose from 33 to 44 MMT of CO2 from 2011 and 2017

- emissions rose 3.7% even as they declined 5.4% in the rest of US


For more on the corruption and greenwashing behind California’s black-outs, please check-out chapter 11 — “All About The Green” — in my internationally bestselling new book, Apocalypse Never


To recap:

- In the name of preventing deadly heat waves from climate change, California is making heat waves more deadly

- In the name of protecting the poor, California raised electricity prices 6x more than rest of US

- In the name of protecting the environment, we Californians are shutting down our nuclear plants & replacing them with fossil fuels & industrial solar projects that require 400x more land & kill endangered species including our condors & desert tortoises


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