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We're killing endangered species to save endangered species

In 2012 we let solar industry kill desert tortoises

In 2013 we let wind industry kill condors

In 2016 we let wind industry kill eagles

Will we let the solar industry kill Joshua Trees?




 https://apnews.com/b8dd6050c702467e8be4b1272a3adc87/final-wind-energy-rule-permits-thousands-eagle-deaths#:~:text=WASHINGTON%20(AP)%20%E2%80%94%20The%20Obama,protected%20bald%20and%20golden%20eagles .

To learn more about why we're destroying nature in order to save it, please read Apocalypse Never


No other industry is legally permitted to kill endangered species like the renewable industry is permitted to do

The government and society allow it because we suffer from the "appeal-to-nature" fallacy

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