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+ Your AuthorsArchive @steffanwatkins Steffan Watkins is a open source research consultant focused on debunking #misinfo|#disinfo about planes, ships, & #OpenSkiesTreaty [email protected] Aug. 28, 2020 1 min read

Pretty sure all of those B-52 aircraft can use Mode-S, but not sure they'll be so forthright. They might use Mode-3/C. Once they've all landed we should put together their entire route, and if can't, ask why not, since it's just an exercise, right?,ae586c,ae586d,ae586e,ae586f,ae5870,ae5871,ae5872,ae5873,ae5874,ae5875,ae5876,ae5877,ae5878,ae587a,ae587b,ae587c,ae587d,ae587e,ae5880,ae5881,ae5882,ae5883,ae5884,ae5885,ae5886,ae5887,ae5888,ae5889,ae588a,ae588b,ae588c,ae588d,ae588e,ae588f,ae5890,ae5891,ae5892,ae5893,ae5894,ae5895,ae5896,ae5899,ae5897,ae5898,ae589a,ae589b,ae589c,ae589d,ae589e,ae589f,ae58a0,ae58a1,ae58a2,ae58a3,ae58a4,ae58a5,ae58a6,ae58a7,ae58a8,ae58a9,ae58aa,ae58ab,ae58ac,ae58ad,ae58ae,ae58af,ae58b0,ae58b1,ae58b2,ae58b3 

🇺🇸 *FOUR* #USAF B-52s, only 1 using Mode-S transponder #AE58AE w/ callsign #NATO01, are conducting a 30 NATO country fly-over, giving us a vague idea where they have been and are going.

61-0034 ☢️
60-0005 ☢️
60-0007 ☢️
60-0056 ☢️

h/t @Saint1Mil 

🇺🇸 *TWO* #USAF nuclear-capable B-52s stayed on the ground at #RAFFairford.

60-0029 ☢️
60-0044 ☢️

h/t @Saint1Mil

🇺🇸 *TWO MORE* #USAF B-52s (1 visible w/ Mode-S #AE5875) w/ callsign #NATO06, flew over ON & QC; we lost them due to coverage ~3hrs ago after they flew down the mouth of the St Lawrence.

60-0012 ☢️
60-0018 ☢️

h/t @Saint1Mil 

This link should show at least the most recent legs of the B-52s which have been in the air in the past 24 hours.

There have been 6 "NATO" B-52s in the air today, only 2 tracked using Mode-S; the lead plane of each group? Others may be using Mode-3/C.,ae586c,ae586d,ae586e,ae586f,ae5870,ae5871,ae5872,ae5873,ae5874,ae5875,ae5876,ae5877,ae5878,ae587a,ae587b,ae587c,ae587d,ae587e,ae5880,ae5881,ae5882,ae5883,ae5884,ae5885,ae5886,ae5887,ae5888,ae5889,ae588a,ae588b,ae588c,ae588d,ae588e,ae588f,ae5890,ae5891,ae5892,ae5893,ae5894,ae5895,ae5896,ae5899,ae5897,ae5898,ae589a,ae589b,ae589c,ae589d,ae589e,ae589f,ae58a0,ae58a1,ae58a2,ae58a3,ae58a4,ae58a5,ae58a6,ae58a7,ae58a8,ae58a9,ae58aa,ae58ab,ae58ac,ae58ad,ae58ae,ae58af,ae58b0,ae58b1,ae58b2,ae58b3 

I missed that one; #NATO05 was the other nuclear-capable B-52 flying over Canada today.

So, with that missing ICAO fixed (I had it mislabelled), let me introduce the new and improved every-B-52-I-know-about #ADSBexchange link. #B52 #ModeS,AE586C,AE586D,AE586E,AE586F,AE5870,AE5871,AE5872,AE5873,AE5874,AE5875,AE5876,AE5877,AE5878,AE5879,AE587A,AE587B,AE587C,AE587D,AE587E,AE587F,AE5880,AE5881,AE5882,AE5883,AE5884,AE5885,AE5886,AE5887,AE5888,AE5889,AE588A,AE588B,AE588C,AE588D,AE588E,AE588F,AE5890,AE5891,AE5892,AE5893,AE5894,AE5894,AE5895,AE5895,AE5896,AE5896,AE5899,AE5897,AE5898,AE5898,AE5899,AE5899,AE589A,AE589A,AE589B,AE589B,AE589C,AE589C,AE589D,AE589D,AE589D,AE589E,AE589E,AE589E,AE589F,AE589F,AE58A0,AE58A0,AE58A1,AE58A1,AE58A2,AE58A2,AE58A3,AE58A4,AE58A4,AE58A5,AE58A6,AE58A6,AE58A7,AE58A7,AE58A7,AE58A8,AE58A8,AE58A9,AE58A9,AE58AA,AE58AA,AE58AB,AE58AC,AE58AC,AE58AD,AE58AD,AE58AE,AE58AE,AE58AF,AE58B0,AE58B0,AE58B1,AE58B2,AE58B2,AE58B3 

60-0007 was not one of the B-52s broadcasting Mode-S while it did its tour of Europe today.

...and a gorgeous picture of 60-0005 over Belgium (presumably).

...and I don't mean limited to Belgium...

61-0034 over Czechia

60-0056 over Poland

That's all four over Europe accounted for. 👏


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