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As much as I really prefer the SaaS model as an entrepreneur, I will acknowledge that there are a lot of happy businesses which have a thing, a price tag, and you're done.

Here's a fun one: 

"Who would pay $5 for a fax?"

12 hours ago I walked around four convenience stores trying to find one which would take the $()%()#%)#% fax after my online fax service of choice errored out 3X over 4 hours for no discoverable reason. The one I finally found wanted $80. "FINE."

And it didn't work because the fax was too many pages to push through their machine, so I sulked home desultorily and had to do custom engineering work against the Twilio API to finally get it done, hours of a day off having been consumed.

So yeah: would happily use in future.

Another business in this genre, which I've used for years and loved: 

You upload a file and type in an address. It turns that file into a paper letter and sends, including certified or return receipt requested if necessary.

Runs $5~$10 or so per letter.

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