Alissa Walker+ Your Authors @awalkerinLA I'm a writer and a walker in LA. Words @Curbed/@NYMag. Co-host @theLApod. LAUSD mom. #CancelRent #HomesGuarantee #BetterBusesforLA Sep. 03, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

For my birthday today, I'm raising money for @lifekitla, a remarkable nonprofit in my neighborhood that assembles hygiene kits, runs a free bodega, sponsors laundry days, and delivers water to our unhoused neighbors. 

Three unhoused people die in LA every day. This weekend it will be 110 degrees.

In addition to all the other challenges the pandemic presents to our neighbors, having access to water in a heatwave could mean the difference between life and death. 

One in five LA County residents missed a rent payment in the last six months. Our elected officials have failed to protect them.

The need for mutual-aid groups like @lifekitla will only grow greater as more Angelenos face evictions and food insecurity. 

One in 33 Black Angelenos will experience homelessness at some point in their lives, compared to one in 250 white Angelenos.

This racial disparity puts even more Black unhoused Angelenos at risk for harassment, incarceration, and police brutality. 

I learned a lot about my own role in perpetuating this crisis and how I could use my privilege and platform to fix it from speaking with @TheoHen95302259.

Support Theo's work, listen to his podcast every week, and join the online conversations he hosts. 

The folks at @lifekitla say they need a new fridge to keep water and other essentials cold. Let's help them raise that much—and then some!

Learn more about their work: 
Donate here: 
Or Venmo them directly: 

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