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Get paid what you're worth: (thread)


In order to get paid what you're worth, you need to separate the arbitrary connection between your time and your money.

The paradox here is that how we spend our time determines how much value we can ultimately create.


The person on the left of the diagram below is selling their time. It could be to an employer, it could be to their own business. It doesn't matter - there is still a ceiling on how much they can earn, a limit set by the natural universe.

You can't create more time.


However, you can create more value.

On the right of the diagram we're looking at a different equation. This person is building assets with their time.

They show up on day one, put effort into something, that's worth more on day 2, they invest again on day 3, 4, 5, etc.


When you sell time, the count resets every morning.
When you sell value, the count rolls over.


To make this even more tangible, let me give you a personal example.

Selling time:

I have a client who I love working with, and I spend 4 hours a week working with them. I charge $1,250 an hour. That's $5,000 a week.


Selling value:

I spend the same 3 hours adding new modules to a $297 Visualize Value digital product, spend one hour promoting it organically.

The returns far exceed the consulting paradigm, and work around the clock, and the globe.

To divorce your time and money, build assets that work without you.


Build once, sell twice.


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