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I think people in the tech community tend to undervalue large portions of the marketing skillset, and e.g. building a narrative for a decisionmaker persona then solving backwards to the artifacts that would create it is useful.

But in many phases of the business, this works:

A good portion of some advice in the community, like "write for yourself", is a shortcut on having to do the whole decisionmaker thing, because you're overwhelmingly likely to yourself have problems that at least some other people do and to speak in a way some of them will like.

A semi-considered guiding light I had when writing for many years is "Just write about things you would have found surprising 5~10 years ago in a way that you of 5~10 years ago would have found maximally compelling."

I do tend to believe that if you can figure out a way to create compounding value over time then things will often work out swimmingly, though you do have to continue putting work into the other things.

(A tragedy, and I mean that phrasing, is when someone who has figured the value creation thing out then ends up in starving-artist land and has to curtain their output and get a job doing something much less important simply because the job is competent at turning work into $.)

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