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Most creators struggle with building an audience from scratch

How do you start? What are the right metrics? Right techniques?

I built an audience from 0 to 4K on Twitter, 0 to 3k over email largely by building in public

Here’s the playbook that helped me (a thread 🧵)

🔑 Start with the why

The key is to deeply understand why you want an audience

If it’s just for selfish reasons, you’re likely to struggle

I always look for a win-win. I’ve often asked myself: What can I help my audience achieve by nature of following me?

Have a deep why

🎯 Have a clear goal

For years, I lurked on Twitter and never even had an email list. I scoffed at people who were “building an audience”

The penny dropped when I started shipping projects & needed real people for feedback and I had none 🤯

Then I sat down & wrote clear goals

😎 Evaluate your personality on Twitter

Are you someone who gives more than who takes?

Givers are 10x more likely to build and keep an audience

A sarcastic viral tweet may bring attention, but not audience

Be a giver, root for others, open up your DMs and help ppl

💡Change your inputs

Curate your feed, stop following thousands & getting overwhelmed

Unsubscribe to hundreds of newsletters

Make space for signal and curb noise

Drama, negativity & judgment all have a subconscious tax — they erode your trust in people and in yourself

🔥 Create way more than you are comfortable

Used to aim for 3-4 “perfect tweets” in my early days, rookie moves

Now I tweet 20-30 tweets a day and share as much I can

Same with emails. I write at least 2 emails a week to an audience

Be prolific

💥 Use Twitter for engagement, not self promotion

A simple technique that works:

Reply with a thoughtful comment under a popular account in your niche

Another technique:

Ask specific questions useful to others

🤝 Give, give, give, then ask

Share feedback when people ask, guide them towards resources that helped you

Build a habit of giving with no expectations

Then ask when you have a specific request, you’ll be surprised by people’s kindness

🙏 Be grateful for your existing audience

You can never build an audience of thousands when you are ungrateful for the tens who chose you today

Reach out randomly and say hello or thank you

Treat them well

🧠 Find ways to add value

I share weekly lessons from prolific creators through interviews on my email newsletter ( )

I share my playbooks openly on Twitter and @IndieHackers

Be consistent in adding value, it’ll compound to a big audience

🧘‍♂️ Obsess over impact not metrics

At the end of the day, numbers are fun but senseless without a meaningful purpose

On days when I’m doubting myself, I imagine that my tweets/emails impact 1 person in Texas or India who learned something new today

That’s a win right there

⚡️Build in public

None of my journey would have happened if not for building in public

I’m a nobody on the Internet — I earned all this trust and leverage by simply showing up and sharing my experiments with others freely


😇 Be patient

The early growth is slow and suddenly it moves fast

On Twitter, my followers went from 0 to 2k in 2 years and 2k to 4K in a couple months

Enjoy the ride, be grateful for the small wins and when you repeatedly add value, the Internet will reward you 🏆

That’s all for now

Hope it was helpful/encouraging

I’m always happy to share what I know and things that worked for me, so DM me any further questions

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Thank you!

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