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I like this both for the actual content, the idea of putting it in this formfactor (which would not be my natural inclination, but it works for the business objectives), and the general strategy this implies.

There's a long discourse about the future of media, but two tiny pieces of the puzzle:

Any "trade journal" where 20~100% of the people reading it should be using some software should be run by that software company directly, at economics that would make traditional pubs weep.

And, pace @ByrneHobart, any topic where a well-monied constituency *needs* understanding about something which is so big that no single person could wrap their mind about it should have one or a very small group of obsessives running an independent media firm on it. (Or N firms.)

This generalizes a bit past the media bits, too, in that software is (and will become more of) a natural hub of economic activity, and should start providing a lot of the ancillary things that hubs provide. Some traditional services, some new ones.

Should you expect the best conference in X to remain external to the X-facing software company or eventually be bought by it? I know what I bet.

How about job boards or recruiters specializing in X? Makes even more sense attached to the software company.

Education? etc, etc

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