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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Inaudible; The rise and rise of one of NYPD's dirtiest cops; Georgia voter suppression, quantified; Kids' smart-watches unsafe at any speed; and more!

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Inaudible: Let's make "Audible exclusive" mean "for sale everywhere EXCEPT Audible."


The rise and rise of one of NYPD's dirtiest cops: Violent, racist repeat-offender Christopher McCormack, promoted to the top brass.


Georgia voter suppression, quantified: Greg Palast counted all 313,242 receipts.


Kids' smart-watches unsafe at any speed: Still a garbage-fire.


#15yrsago Anti-trusted-computing video 

#15yrsago Super Mario Brothers implemented in Javascript 

#5yrsago Ashley Madison's passwords were badly encrypted, 15 million+ passwords headed for the Web 


#5yrsago DoJ says it will consider jailing executives who order corporate crimes 

#5yrsago Government-run egg board waged high-price, secret PSYOPS war on vegan egg-replacement 


#5yrsago Library offers Tor nodes; DHS tells them to stop 

#1yrago Why haven't cyberinsurers exerted more pressure on companies to be better at security? 


#1yrago Charles de Lint on Radicalized: "among my favorite things I've read so far this year" 

#1yrago Juul gave marketing presentations to schoolchildren in the guise of "mental health/addiction" seminars 


#1yrago Phoenix's police union has a secret deal with the department to purge dirty cops' disciplinary records 

#1yrago Everyone's investigating Google for antitrust violations…except California and Alabama 


#1yrago America's life-expectancy income-gap widens precipitously class='tco-ellipsis'> 

#1yrago California to force NCAA to pay athletes 


Yesterday's threads: Podcasting chapter one of Attack Surface; Crad Kilodney documentary; DRM versus human rights; Germany's amazing new competition proposal; and more!


I have a (free) new book out! "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" is an anti-monopolist critique of Big Tech that connects the rise of conspiratorial thinking to the rise of tech monopolies and proposes a way to deal with both: 


My next book is ATTACK SURFACE, sequel to Little Brother and Homeland: it's a technothriller about a surveillance techie who goes home and learns the weapons she helped build are used against the racial justice movement founded by her best friend. 


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My first picture book just came out! It's called Poesy the Monster Slayer and it's an epic tale of bedtime-refusal, toy-hacking and monster-hunting, illustrated by Matt Rockefeller. It's the monster book I dreamt of reading to my own daughter. 


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