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Goodness I buy this, to the extent that I might actually execute on it.

("Did somebody just say 'You should meet patio11'? In lieu of reading 3 million words here's a good bead on context, personality, and what I will probably say about e.g. low-touch SaaS GTM.")

We have a feature in Stripe Home (an internal directory) which lets you optionally upload a short video, which a lot of folks will do so that e.g. someone collaborating on a new project gets a sense of them, but very plausibly there should be *a lot* of this inside companies.

I prefer memos as a form factor but I know many that don't, and you can imagine that there are a lot of repeated conversations, so shouldn't a VP at an insurance company have a five minute off-the-cuff take on the ultimate source of and relative importance of underwriting edge?

I think there is also "permission to be imperfect" in audio which there isn't in writing; you can speak off the cuff on something and have it be read as you speaking off the cuff, whereas if you write a memo and it has the words "Candidly, we underperform on X" -> trench warfare.

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