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It’s sometimes interesting how “frivolous” things get repurposed, which is a frequent observation about startups. Toys don’t stay toys forever.

Fun example from recent experience: ring lights, which achieved sufficient scale to be mass produced due to beauty/etc influencers.

Many people at work, myself included when video quality is a definite deliverable, now have ring lights as “just another thing on the desk” for the ordinary production of meetings about e.g. GTM approaches for the Japanese SaaS market.

I’m sure serious video professionals probably had a boatload of expensive and hard to use lighting solutions available to them for the last 50 years, but an interesting effect of the consumerization was I got mine set up in 5 minutes watching a YouTube video (of course).

(The argument made for ring lights is on a technical level “They reduce face shadows for Zoom calls” and on a benefits level “It makes people feel like you’re there rather than feeling Definitely A Zoom Call.”

Better read on emotional state, greater connection, etc.)

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