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1) This is my Q thread for September 13, 2020

My Theme:
The Future of Our Republic Is at Stake

2) Q posts can be found on these websites.

3) On Friday, Q reposted these messages from an anon regarding treason, James Comey and John Brennan.

Note that the column mentioning James Comey has 10 sets of 5 lines, while Brennan's has 12 sets of 4 lines.

Is there a particular meaning we're supposed to take from this?

4) Perhaps.

The anon may have alluded to a statement by Lindsay Graham on the 10th while discussing Spygate developments with Sean Hannity.

"We'll talk in about 10 or 12 days..."

Comey 10 sets.
Brennan 12 sets.

10 to 12 days from Thursday the 10th would be September 20-22nd.

5) On September 11th, Q reposted a tweet by @kevincorke who wrote that a DOJ source told him to set his alarm clock in reference to arrests and indictments.


7) Q gave us a two-week window in which to watch for events related to Spygate. The dates run from September 14th (tomorrow) through the 25th.

8) Why was Joe Biden tweeting about America's preparedness for a pandemic months before we had one?



11) What [Dem] strategic goals might be accomplished through a pandemic?


13) Clackamas County Oregon Board of Commissioners meeting. 


(Check the caption) 😎

16) Mostly peaceful.

17) Joseph Stalin would be proud.


19) The Antifa flag was used by Kurds who fought against ISIS.

"Two Spanish volunteers who went to the region to fight ISIS in an "International Brigade" were arrested upon their return and face charges of membership in a 'terrorist organization.'" 

20) A July 14, 2019 report from the Department of Homeland Security said members of Antifa were being investigated as possible terrorists with affiliations to Kurdish militant groups fighting in Syria. 

21) From the board

22) Q responded.

23) Ready to do a little digging?

Note the last line:
"Combat tactics, Mr. Ryan. By turning into the path of the torpedo, the Captain closed the distance before it could arm itself."

24) From the film "The Hunt For Red October."

25) "Hunt For Red October" was a signature used by Q in 2017.

26) In February of 2018, "The Hunt For" was dropped from the signature.

27) Q answered an anon's questions about the signature.

28) There are many posts that discuss interpretations of Red October.

In the current context, I wonder if it refers to this. 👇

"October surprise(s) being prepped and warmed."

29) Here are Q's links:

Jedidiah Fulton, 39 

30) Alberto Vincent Acosta 

31) Kevin Carle, 37 

32) Ivan Geronimo Gomez, 30 

33) Guadalupe Molina-Pacheco 

34) Julian Draper 

35) Demarco Covey, 24 

36) Wesley James Bergman, 37 

37) Elias Pendergrass, 44 

38) Unknown 

39) Anita Esquivel, 37 

40) Vanya Hummel, 24 

41) Unknown 

42) John Davies, 55 

43) Unknown 

44) Unknown 

45) Christine Comello, 36 

46) Alexander Bradford Smith, 26 

47) Unknown 

48) Unknown 

49) Jesse Peterson, 30 

50) Jeffrey Accord, 36 

51) Facebook stream mirror; 

52) 2014 Ferguson Arrest; 

53) Info roundup; 

54) Unknown 

55) Unknown 

56) Unknown 

57) Milton Loice Moran, 48 

58) Anthony Travis Bodda, 21 

59) Alexander Jones, 36 

60) Unknown 

61) Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41 

62) Jonathan Maas, 44 


64) Chuck Grassley's update on this year's corn crop.

65) Why is it relevant?

On March 3, 2019, Q misspelled former FBI Director James Comey's name "James 8 Corney."

66) Nine months later, the DOJ IG report on FISA abuse was released.

If you opened the original PDF version of the document in a program that allows you to search it, no results come up for the name "Comey."

67) But if you searched the document for the word "Corney" you come up with all the references to James Comey.

(The updated version of the document does not give these search results.)

68) Devin Nunes trolled Comey with this tweet.

69) And there's this.


71) Do people in positions of power create 'safe zones' for rioters and arsonists?

What happens if prosecutors, board of county commissioner members, volunteer firefighters, etc. are sympathetic to the cause?

72) A man in Portland, Oregon was arrested yesterday for starting a brush fire along Interstate 205. He was released and arrested again today after he allegedly started six more fires. 

73) Newly elected Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced a new policy that will dismiss cases against hundreds of rioters. 



76) The activities we're witnessing are a coordinated insurgency campaign that is being waged against the legitimate powers of government.

77) U.S. Government Counterinsurgency Initiative. 

78) Insurgents recruit citizens to join an anti-government movement.

It's the responsibility of citizens to actively #fightback against the tactics used by insurgent forces.

One way in which we do that is countering the propaganda used by political figures and the media.


80) Power poles in Snohomish County were vandalized with a chainsaw. Local authorities and the FBI are searching for a suspect and motive. 


82) Follow the green, yellow, and blue lines to make the connections.


84) On Qanon . pub, the above post looked like this.

85) Explanation. 👇

86) The websites and apps that aggregate Q's posts don't always pick up the comments of anons that are referenced by Q. In those cases, you need to go to the board to see them.

A federal judge has ruled that the shutdown orders imposed by Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania are unconstitutional.

88) This is a hi-res version of the arsonist collage from tweet #82 with additional information.

89) Senator Johnson said he would provide an interim report on his committee's investigation of the Bidens and Ukraine prior to the election, to give voters the information they needed to make an informed decision.

90) And that would likely mean the end of Joe's campaign.

91) Time for a change of batters?

92) Patriot.

93) Linked video. 




97) Listen closely.


99) Thread. 👇

100) Dept of Homeland Security had intelligence in July that some Portland-area Antifa members were not opportunistic as previously reported, but organized.

If they're organized, that implies that they're funded by someone.

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