Patrick McKenzie+ Your Authors @patio11 I work for the Internet, at @stripe, mostly on accelerating startups. Opinions here are my own. Sep. 14, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

I’m probably going to be restarting the podcast soon, after a multi year hiatus.

Might get back to writing (in personal capacity) on a more frequent basis too, but one hobby project at a time.

Partly it’s realizing this is creativity-improving for me and will probably help productivity more than the hour cost, partially morale management, partly dusting off part of the skill set, partly an excuse to try some new SaaS apps and spend more on them than Ruriko would like.

“In fairness, honey, I am probably partially responsible for the pricing grid and, considered on net, almost certainly am up on a monthly basis after netting out all SaaS from people who would listen to me.”

She didn’t see it that way. ;)

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