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1/ Creativity is not a free thinking canvas, it actually thrives better in constraints.

Learning how to build and mock features while launching & putting up your product based on these constraints allow you to come up with creative options.

2/ If you are looking to improve your problem stmts, add constraints:
- Can we launch it in less than $25/mo?
- Can I have less dependency with Tech?
- Is there a plug & play solution?
- Can these solutions help you scale beyond the basics?

How does this apply to No-Code?

A) Identification - Identify what’s your bottle neck in delivering your core offering.

For example: if your customers have to reach out via email and delays the conversion process, you may need to consider adding a customer support which shows your availability.

B) Exploitation - If you are spending more time preparing other things than focusing on the core offering. You need to rethink how to spend your time.

If you are doing more work on maintaining your product, you need to optimise more for creation of your product.


C) Subordination - If you are spending a lot of time, you need to re-evaluate if you need something can be subbed or re-arranged to fit your product needs.

For example: Look at if you schedule or make Zapier do the heavy lifting in posting about social media.


D) Elevation - If you could push the limits of an integration you could try. But choose an option which is ready to scale incase you need to.

E) Re-Evaluation - When you finished solving your first problem, figure out where the second problem could come from.

Being on the hawk eye would really help in narrowing down and making your product work for your customer.

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