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Conor White-Sullivan 𐃏🇺🇸
+ Your AuthorsArchive @Conaw Co-founder of @RoamResearch. Believer in tools for thought. Sep. 17, 2020 1 min read

Brings me back to winter 2019 - when @RoamResearch had less than 5k in the bank and no leads on investors.

@NotionHQ was famously turning $$$ away, so gave @ivanhzhao a demo, offered to share our research if he would invest or help us raise.

"We have enough ideas" he said...

To be fair, I see why he had no interest in helping us through valley o ☠️ - seems he assumed that if we found traction he could just clone our popular features.

And I admit, when I heard rumor that backlinks were coming, I was pretty nervous

Until I saw the implementation.

backlinks give you seriously NONE of the benefits that backlinks give you in Roam.

They're links to pages, not blocks, no inheritance or intersections, clearly stapled on to try to catch the wave.

20 months of watching Roam's rise and this is all you've got to show?

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