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Gavin Baker
+ Your AuthorsArchive @GavinSBaker Managing Partner & CIO, Atreides Management LP. Formerly Fidelity OTC Fund. No investment advice, views my own. Sep. 22, 2020 1 min read

1) Coming to believe that category leading brick and mortar retailers and brands will be the biggest long term beneficiaries of Covid.

E-comm co's were pulled a few years into an inevitable future. The fundamental trajectory for many brick and mortar retailers has changed.

2) Predominantly e-commerce companies are 2ish years ahead of plan.

"Brick and mortar" retailers/brands are 5ish years ahead of plan in e-commerce and their CEO's now have the courage to invest in e-commerce the way they should have been investing all along.

3) So they will come out of Covid as much stronger competitors in e-commerce while facing a less competitive physical retail environment.

The future is omnichannel. Every single e-commerce company believes that brick and mortar stores have value.

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