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How can we ensure Designers, Product Managers and Makers are cared & educated to retire work from their lives? To care & educate, you need to take care of this tribe.

36+ Months of work is now consolidating, read on in this thread 🧵

A/ Initially started out as a thought process in @teamxperian as one of the business units but due to it was clear that community, care and more cannot be justified as a business because:

- Engagement cannot be continuous as people have their own lives beyond a career.

- Setting people up for success is a Mindset game. The best way to approach is through education, resources and community.

The journey began with Xperian Club on Facebook to the now evolved version @teammakersguild
See our timeline ↓

C/ Each community had 800+ people and the trials led to good engagement. Every event we had amazing participation. They say only 1% of community is active but we saw 20% being active.

D/ We tried for almost 36+ months in finding the right communities for the makers and failed in finding one.
So what do you do when you don't find one? You create it and the rest is history. With 8 months of testing and tweaking, we are ready to launch.

E/ The roadmap ahead looks very exciting and can't wait to make better makers on the go.

Become a member here → 

F/ Alongside running a community, other initiatives are also getting consolidated. If you followed me, you might know a few of them:

@teamdplusp: Curated Resources & Events
@hireworthy : Career insights
@teamdesignx : Life Design

G/ All these efforts are not for profit and aimed at enabling makers, designers & product manager. Officially we are now consolidated here at 

H/ Makers are highly paid for their sensibilities, ingenious problem solving abilities and understanding complexities of any system out there and turn an abstract idea into tangible, usable, pleasurable realities called products, services, systems, etc.

I/ We need more of these skills for the future world and to nurture them is a lot of hard work. The funds generated by Xperian foundation will be used in the making of the makers for India 🇮🇳 We have too many problems and all we need is great problem solvers.

Here is a simple attempt to give immense value, generate funds and make ingenious problem solvers from all corners of India 🇮🇳 

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