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#MVPin7days DAY 1:

I am building a product to help people who monetise through referral links (more on this in the next few days).

What I did today:

- Competitor Analysis
- Defined list of features I'll build
- Selected tech stack (@fastifyjs, @reactjs, @awscloud)

- Scaffolding of local dev (UI + Backend + Basic Layout + main sections + navigation)
- User Sign In / Sign Up with @auth0
- Registered domain names
- Integrated @tailwindcss for styling
- local dev env with hot reload

Tomorrow I will try to complete the first vertical slice to allow users to configure their account and provide their referral codes.

I am aiming to do the following:

- UI for the settings page
- Backend APIs for the page (including auth)
- Database schema and data persistence

Finally, by the end of the day, I will attempt to deploy all of this on AWS! 💪

...and, just to keep me honest... here's a super short DEMO 🙃

It isn't much, but it's definitely "something" 😜

🎵 Soundtrack of the day: 

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