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#MVPin7Days DAY 2

Today I built the vertical slice that allows a user to specify and persist their affiliate tag for all the different Amazon stores.

For today, let's start with the video DEMO:

(Sorry for the small resolution/font size 😰)

What I am doing there is just updating some of the referral codes I have previously defined and adding new ones.

The Amazon stores are divided into 2 groups. Only the ones that currently support affiliate programs are visualized by default.

You can expand the list to see all the stores and add a referral code for those as well (this makes the system somewhat future-ready).

To prove I am actually persisting to the database I am updating some data from Postgres and refreshing the app. 😜

Setting all of this up was more time consuming than I anticipated and it required:

- Setting up a local Postgres with Docker
- Managing DB schemas and migrations (w Knex)
- Configuring the backend to connect to pg (using fastify-postgres)

The backend APIs do validations and serialization out of the box thanks to Fastify schemas.

The Auth0 token validation was done with `fastify-auth0-verify` which was super sleek to setup ✌️

The UI is built in React using hooks. I kinda forced myself to go through this path and had a bit of a bumpy road with some useEffect nuances, but in the end, I am happy with the result.

It was especially fun to deal with the state transitions between "clean", "changed", "valid/invalid", "saving" in the form. This is currently done only using `useState` and `useEffect`. No state management involved (yet!).

All the API calls are done using pure fetch and, in dev mode, I am using `fastify-cors` to add CORS support and be able to run Webpack dev server for the frontend on a different port than my Fastify server.

I didn't manage to deploy to AWS as I was hoping to do today, but I managed to dockerize the app (both frontend and backend run in 1 container). It should be feasible to move this to #AWS tomorrow (either #Fargate or a barebone EC2 w/ docker)

Other than that, I hope tomorrow I will be able to start the vertical slice that allows the user to create a referral link.

Stay tuned for the update tomorrow 🙌

Thanks for following my progress so far 😍

🎸 #SOUNDTRACK of the day 🎺 

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