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Speculation is high around #IRGC affiliated Fars Air Qeshm EP-FAB, known to be used for weapons shipments from #Iran to #Syria. However, she left IKA (Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport) and not THR (Tehran Mehrabad International Airport) this time, she also stopped...

in TUN (Tunis Carthage Intl. Airport), #Tunisia. I am doubtful there would be any form of weapons shipment on this flight due to the stopover. But still, one to watch. She'll be hauling something. I am leading down the she'll be hauling something back if she goes where we think.

After talking with @ConflictsW (Follow @ConflictsW for any Venezuela related, just saying) maybe EP-FAB is on the way, here...

Descending into Cape Verde Island, possibly another refuel stop..?


2 stops, 2 refuels, gives the assumption that she's hauling heavy.

And now we wait...


#IRGC affiliated Fars Air Qeshm EP-FAB now flying in #Venezuela airspace under Maiquetia FIR

She landed in Caracas, #Venezuela

Screenshot from earlier this evening, but yes, eyes in the sky were and are watching.

A lovely rare photo of #IRGC affiliated EP-FAB being unloaded yesterday.

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