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I think, it's safe to say that over the period of last 2 years, almost every MVP of ours at @teamxperian has started off as a @NotionHQ MVP.

Just take a look at the timeline of MVPs we ran ↓


> Running a design school? We've used @NotionHQ as an efficient LMS and an interface for students to submit their work.

> Lead Generation Platform? We've used it as a dashboard for designers and clients.


> Hiring Designers? We've used it as a Recruitment CRM.

> Running a Recruitment business? We've used @NotionHQ as a place to inform our customers and help with decision making.


> Running a Podcast? We've used it for backend processes which include scheduling, brainstorming and sharing information seamlessly with speakers.

> Educating people in No-Code? All tutorials, curated information & a question database in @NotionHQ database.

> Making an information product? Full database stored in one place and shared quickly.

> Advisory for Startups and Clients ? All logs and questions in one place

> Running Sprints? Daily Documentation, Invoices, Miro Boards, Calendars all in

> Personal websites? Our first versions were on Notion and some still stay there ( )

> Internal team handbooks, documents, financial data and more all hosted on @NotionHQ

> No-Code Learning Stream? Our first @teamnocoloco learning stream was on Notion 🙈

> Building/Making a Course? First launch to beta users on Notion then to @podia for scale.

> Making productivity tools digitally accessible for @teammakersguild ? Hosted on Notion

Further, I dedicated 1 Chptr to teach how to make Notion MVPs on No-Code Jumpstart Program 

Good problem solving requires great tools & @NotionHQ is my choice🔥


I think it's safe to say that @karthi2209 even coined the term and made it an official stage of our launches in @teamxperian calling it, "The @NotionHQ Launch" 🚀

I even seriously applied for the Community Program & in the future the Notion Consultant Certification ⚡️

With the API coming, My mind is numbing with the opportunities that will open up.

This is a love letter 💌 to @NotionHQ and heartfelt thank you for enabling makers all over the world.

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