The relationship between the SNP and Amazon deserves further investigation. A link up between Police Scotland and Amazon Alexa just one dubious connection... 1/7

In September, the SNP handed over £15 million to Amazon Net Companies to create the NHS "Protect Scotland app. With over 9,400 tech companies based in Scotland, many in software, were Scottish firms allowed to bid? 2/7 

Also in September questions were raised over the privacy of Scotland's contact tracing app as official documents show Amazon has access to "personal information" including phone numbers, infection details and IP addresses. 3/7 

It emerged that the Dunfermline centre was sold to Jersey based 'Spectre Property'. Fife Council & Scot Enterprise sold it for £1m to a private company, providing £6.3m for its development. It has since been sold twice for £43.2m and for reported £61m. 4/7 

Back in 2017 it emerged that the SNP had given over £3.6 million to Amazon, despite company refusing to pay the Living Wage. (this figure is now reported at £6.3 million) 5/7 

There concerns go back to at least 2013. @scotgp claimed £10m was being paid to Amazon by the SNP and @AlisonJohnstone saying "It is quite incredible that Scottish Ministers still think that writing big cheques to Amazon is a good use of public money" 6/7 

today @policescotland propose use of Alexa to report crimes and controlling callers mobile's camera, microphone & GPS. With Humza wanting private home conversation prosecuted if he deems them "offensive" is this the next step of the SNP surveillance state? 

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