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+ Your AuthorsArchive @jlpassarelli Co-founder of @Infosec_Bytes and Guerrilla Pictures @Guerrillapix, journalist, film maker, skeptic, a rare breed of guatemalan. Good friend of @WikiLeaks! Nov. 19, 2020 2 min read

If you hate #JulianAssange, in this thread I will outline why you must support him even if you hate his guts:
1. This is the first time in US history that @TheJusticeDept indicated a publisher under the espionage act for revealing war crimes...

...the @nytimes, @washingtonpost and pretty much every respectable scholar say that this would not only be the end of journalism as we know it, it would be the and of the 1st amendment and your right to know what your representatives do in your name. That is the end of democracy.

Check out @trevortimm’s, president of the @FreedomofPress foundation statement to court in the #AssangeCase hearing:  https://www.tareqhaddad.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/2020.09.09-Assange-Extradition-Hearings-Statement-of-Trevor-Timm.pdf 

2. President @BarackObama’s @TheJusticeDept spent years looking at ways to prosecute #Assange and @wikileaks but they closed the case because they couldn’t distinguish the difference between what the @nytimes did and what @wikileaks did.

3. #Assange is being charged for the following releases of 2010: Collateral murder video & rules of engagement, the Afghan and Iraq War Logs, the @StateDept cables and the #Guantanamo detainee files.
They shed light on war crimes, torture, executions, and widespread corruption...

...the releases have been championed by human rights organisations and are widely considered some of the best journalism in history. They helped spark the Arab Spring in Tunisia, ended the occupation of Iraq and shed light on the atrocities committed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

4. In 2010 the Pentagon started the infamous #WikiLeaks Taskforce with 110 people working to find anyone who had been put at risk. During the @xychelsea trial the head of the taskforce Bob Carr testified under oath that they couldn’t find a single person hurt by the publications.

5. If Assange is extradited to the US, he will face trial in the eastern district of Virginia know as the espionage court. It is impossible that he would get a fair trial in that court. The jury would be of people from @DeptofDefense, @FBI, @CIA, @NSAGov, @DHSgov. See point 1!!!

6. During 10 years #Assange’s case has been ripe with countless irregularities and corruption. He is not receiving a fair extradition hearing and even though the UN says he’s being arbitrarily detained and being tortured in prison (both binding by law) the UK has ignored them.

7. #Assange was spied for years during his stay at the Ecuadorian Embassy with the help of the Spanish security contractor that was hired to protect him. They recorded his privileged legal conversations with his lawyers. This alone means that the case should be dropped.

8. If you have reached this point and you still hate #Assange it means that I have done my job because this case is not about him, it is about your right ro know what your government does in your name.
For an update on the #AssangeCase watch my film:  https://video.emergeheart.info/videos/watch/f2467447-f5a8-45c9-8d08-804d6a2d4747 

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