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So I’ve posted TikToks from this woman before...she rescued a beaver and is rehabilitating him for eventual reintegration into the wild

But he can’t stop being a beaver, so he keeps trying to build a dam in her house using her furniture and other items.


2. He’ll try to build a dam out of anything. So adorable and fascinating.


3. Not to worry, Beave gets dam building practice outdoors as well.

Watch this with the sound on to hear some of his foster mom's commentary.

Fascinating stuff.


4. Beave really can’t help himself!

Here he is moving his foster mom’s granddaughter’s chair to try and build a dam.


5. Beave is taking shorter naps during the day and doing more dam building/swimming

By the time the day is over, he’s exhausted. He pulls a towel into the shower where he sleeps and passes out.

Watch with the sound on to hear all of his adorable sounds.


6. The latest on our friend Beave!

He's such a smarty pants...he's been stashing away snacks that his foster mom gives him and munching on them later.

So he's got a little stash of sweet potato and carrot slices in his little training pond.


7. Our friend Beave has been a busy boy...

Watch this with the sound on

From his foster mom: "Beave's high pitched vocals have been decreasing as he matures. Baby Beavers “whine” to get food from their parents."


8. An update on our pal Beave!

Beave’s foster mom found him hanging out in the bathtub all by himself. The lights were off too.

I think for Beave it replicates what the inside of a dam would be like.

Watch the whole clip...so cute.


9. A Thanksgiving update from good ol’ Beave!

Beave’s foster mom says he’s been perfecting his outside dam work. The little guy is a bit of an innovator, he’s now bringing in objects from inside the house to use for his outside dam

He loves his plunger


10. Another day, another dam.

Beave’s just working away...he can’t help it!

His foster mom said she wonders what he’s thinking when he places an object down in a certain place.


11. Our friend Beave likes to keep his foster mom on her toes!

Some mornings Beave is up early & swimming in his pond. But other mornings he likes to sleep in.

In fact, he gets a bit grouchy when his foster mom wakes him up too early!

Turn the sound up


12. Our dear friend Beave has had a busy day of swimming and dam building.

No better way to unwind than spending some cozy time with his foster mom. She’s giving Beave what he would normally get from his parents and his siblings.


13. Folks, our Beave is growing up & I can tell that he’s going to be back in the wild soon

He’s been spending more & more time in the big pond. He doesn’t even want to have lunch with his foster mom anymore as he’s finding food on his own

I’m proud of him but it’s bittersweet

14. Look at the tweet above and tweet #11 in this thread.

- Sleeping in and getting grouchy when his foster mom wakes him up.

- Not eating the lunch his foster mom packed for him.

- Making the "mom you're embarrassing me" sound and pulling away in the large pond.

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