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Last week has been a rollercoaster at @teamxperian's Maker Diploma. @karthi2209 conducted a Maker sprint for the 18+ students. The topic of reducing clutter and enabling decisions chosen as a core problem area.

A thread🧵

Here were the constraints of the sprint:
*Part-time sprint - 3 hours a day only. Max 20 Hours.
*Speaking to the customer is compulsory.
*Learn to build a No-Code MVP, if possible to test with max results.

Here are the results ↓

Prabhu's team made a Habit Accountability buddy and used a bot to enable the users to talk to them via Whatsapp & Glideapps.

Arvind and Team created a buddy using Glideapps for decluttering their home one duration or room at a time.

Kamakshi and team focused on creating content for Indian homes focused on minimalism and made experts contribute to them too!

Ravi and team focused on enabling makers to get the right information in a curated and focused way.

What we learned in this process:
*Problem solving and design never ends.
* Working with time constraints allowed us to take shortcuts and break rules.
*Tools are not required everywhere. Sometimes a simple form is far better than making the user signup for an app.

*Research is not a checkbox, there is more to do before and after the research happens.

We're so looking forward to sharing and formalising this type of sprint to bring to more professionals to learn in the part-time.

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