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I wish there were better words for “when someone says your life would be so much better if you do X, X takes a lot of luck/work/sacrifice, so much that when you get X and realize it isn’t that great you now want to lie and say it’s great just to justify the hard times to get it”

Applies to so many things. Home ownership, investments, travel, large savings/financial advice, marriage, having kids, career paths, accomplishments (awards, degrees, etc), even little things like “just wake up at 5 AM every day!”

What often happens is they’ll use “well how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it” logic which I mean, it’s often hard/impossible to “just try” the thing and so hyped up so that’s hard to argue against. But the thing is, using that logic alone is a red flag.

Like I have traveled A LOT in my life and even then people still are like “well maybe if you traveled in this way you’ll like it, truly life changing” and I’m like damn I mean maybe but also maybe life is short and let me live the way I think is best

There’s often a weird presumption that I don’t have wisdom if I haven’t tried X. Maybe I have a lot of wisdom. Maybe I can be the one giving advice and an alternative take on typical paths. They don’t want to hear that though, that’s blocked out, it’s only about their way.

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