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I have a folder on my phone of the most expressive dog photos that I want to find excuses to re-share, but you know what? This thread is the excuse. I shall post them in this thread.

First up: here is teenage Glory with a good leaf.

Flame learns about chickens.

Dora is chaos...

...and Dora encounters chaos greater than her own (Lima).

Lima learns not to interrupt Flame while she’s eating, even if the food she’s eating was once his.

Little Leap.

Big Leap (astonished).

Leap wants to be allowed to play with boys.

Queen ❤️

Punk sled dogs wearing eye makeup in the Arctic (to protect their eyes from the sun on long spring days).

Featuring Wickson, Colbert, Flame, Spike, and Clem et al.

Pepé’s expression when we discovered she had been stealing all the other dogs’ bones and hiding them in a pile behind her house.


Grinch gets a piece of toy fried chicken.

Grinch gives hugs.

Hari and Refried sing on the run.

Dora is unimpressed by toy fried chicken.

Sleepy sleepers on the trail.

Happy runners on the trail.

Hugs for Hari (every day).

Flame and mini Flame.

(Mini Flame is Wickson.)

Boo is in love.

Pepé smirks after I tried navigating without her input and got us lost in a swamp.

Wickson demonstrates how to sleep in the dog truck.

Refried tries to decide how she feels about being a porch husky.

Speaking of Wickson, here he is meeting his sponsor and bff, dog sports reporter @JamesFrye.

Here is Wickson annoying the heck out of Jeff Sharlet (the dog).

Similarly: the time I let Dora and Jules lick my face simultaneously. (I survived! And did not look my best afterwards, but trust me, neither would you.)

Feelings box compilation.

Feelings box, but with concern.

Baby Spike, who took years to grow into his head.

When Willow was pregnant and the only thing she would eat was ham. (Text added by @DwayneFuhlhage.)

Blowhole catches a ride in the sled in the @Kobuk440. This was before he ate our truck’s brake lines.

And to finish off today’s additions: Glory, enjoying the treasures she’s collected from around my parents’ house.

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