Stephanie Hurlburt
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I'm seeing more people to open up about depression, anxiety and ADD/ADHD these days-- but not so much on a lot of other mental illnesses. Kathleen talks about some severe OCD-like symptoms she experiences here and I found it really refreshing and candid. 

Part of what is refreshing is battling stigma that moderate/severe mental illness means being able to do nothing or be "less productive." She's able to have undeniably thriving businesses. If normal jobs & society accounted for neurodiversity, maybe others could thrive more too.

Like yes if you measure my "productivity" by how many hours I can continuously stare at a screen and type at things and fix little problems, I suck. It'd be hard for me to find and keep a normal job. Yet in my own business, I bring in more money and deals than most people I know.

Sometimes symptoms do get so severe that I'm basically bedridden and unable to even hold a conversation. That's valid too.

But I think it's important to battle this linear view that mentally healthy = productive and mentally ill = lesser. It's different. Different can be better!

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