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Rosalind Readhead ūüĆć
+ Your AuthorsArchive @Privatecarfree Independent London Mayoral Candidate 2021 Manifesto at Living on One Tonne of Carbon per Year Dec. 10, 2020 1 min read

In the last 50 years, and within my lifetime, mass car ownership has gradually destroyed our environment. I remember what life was before the cars dominated. I remember walking to school in all weathers. Of chatting with friends along the way. Of visiting friends on my bicycle

As a carfree campaigner for more than 6 years, I have never been invited to tell the full story of how cars have been allowed to destroy our world. It was far worse than I imagined - the microplastics sprayed from the plastic derivative car tyres into our air, water and soil

The constant demand for new roads has shattered our natural world into genetically isolated islands, exposing our fellow creatures to deadly pollution, noise and roadkill

And the tragedy of all this is that most of these car journeys are short. The large majority under 3 miles. And often even under 1 mile in some areas. I weep for this loss. Because it is so pointless. Children, animals and adults have lost the right to roam safely 4 no real gain

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