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It's December, that means it's time for a recap of what we've built this year. All these projects were built using No-Code tools and thought process.

A thread 🧵  ⚡️
@teamdplusp is an online content curation website + freshly updated jobs every month for design+product fields.

Tools used:
@carrd , @airtable @announcekit, @SubstackInc

900+ unique users every month

Built the podcast and made it with a complete no-code workflow and stack. Hireworthy is on a break and will be back with a new approach.

Tools used:
@carrd @anchor @NotionHQ

Apple podcasts India Max Rank: 12 

's Live Jumpstart session. We launched it to teach people how to launch their products using No-Code.

Tools used:
@carrd @gumroad @Razorpay & @NotionHQ

Students joined: 50

No-Code curated Integrations.
A database of searchable embeds and plugins for any context! Thank you @thisiskp_ for hunting the product on PH.

Tools used:
@carrd @Razorpay @NotionHQ

Launched on PH, Max rank: #9. 

Templates of Carrd, well-designed templates for every context to be used with Carrd.

Tools used:
@carrd @stripe & @NotionHQ

Templates sold: 20+ 

Fun project: Type in Carrd.
Use @carrd's available typefaces and make combinations useful for every context🔥 

Tools used: @carrd @buymeacoffee

Fun project: Gradients
Learned how to work with CSS in @carrd and made this fun little gradients bank for any context. 

Tools used: @carrd @buymeacoffee

Launched Maker's Guild Community (@teammakersguild)
Built the makers guild websites, workflows and backend & more!

Tools used: @carrd, @NotionHQ, @discord, @zapier & @stripe

Current Number of members: 58 

One proud client project which got featured on Indian press for allowing people to list their furry friends online for adoption. 

Launched the No-Code jumpstart as a self-paced session for anyone who wants to get into No-Code, on the @teamxperian shop!

Tools used: @podia @stripe 

Finished 90 days of No-Code and been posting experiments on @glideapps, @carrd, @bubble, @parabolahq & explored 50+ new tools and their capabilities.

Posted about my exploration on No-code on Twitter and learned, experimented in Public. :)

Launched a quick website for @teamxperian. lot more work to do but hey its v1! 

Pre-Order launch: @carrd course to ship your own projects quickly. If you noticed this thread most of the websites were enabled using Carrd!

Check it out ⚡️ 

We have 20 days more! will close it with some more great launches soon! ;)

Launched Learnstreams at @teamxperian Cohort based learning for designers. 

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