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Thinking on home security systems. Here's the deal, because of my experience with DV, I'd want one that could never be used against me-- including by someone I gave inside access to. I think this rules out a lot of camera & remote systems. Might have to go back in time tech-wise

Right now I'm not doing any except locks on doors. That ones comforting. If someone locks me out, okay, I can figure out that problem. The exploitation would be someone breaking a window or breaking down a door, a risk I prefer to an inside-job DV-style attacker. I'll think on it

I watched this youtube video where the lady's home security system included cameras that could see into the bedrooms. I don't think I'd *ever* be comfortable with that, no matter what the intended use. The best security is no data at all, not well-intentioned data.

My line of thinking feels against the norm, yet in many ways it's far more rational than the norm's threat model. I believe data shows the biggest safety threat to the average person is someone who was or is close to them, not a rando burglar. We want to ignore high DV rates.

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