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For the upcoming course on Carrd, we collected some amazing examples of all the possibilities in @carrd

We're sharing some of them in this thread 🧵below. We hope this inspires you to start your project right away ↓

cc: @ajlkn

An integrated e-commerce store on Carrd.
Made by @1foehn 

Get motivational SMS notifications on signup.
Made by @atsaotsao 

Offer downloadable assets on email signup. 

Offer curated guides with a paywall.
Made by @rohit_chavane 

Sell a product with @gumroad integrated into Carrd.
Made by @JanelSGM 

Sell paid only content with a free trial.
Made by @Yoroomie 

Gallery of Carrds by @markbowley 

Personal Profile by @whizzzoe 

Sell Components & Widgets. Made by @jordnfk 

Make a curated resources list for any industry.
Made by @whizzzoe 

Make a Job Board which updates itself and provides updates to new visitors. 

Get multiple newsletter signups and user logins with @try_pico 

Help the farmers protesting in India. 

A native bookshelf made in Carrd by @yawyr_vk 

A course detail page & accept pre-orders by @teamnocoloco 

And RT the first tweet for reach if you liked this!

Dog adoption portal. Made by @teamnocoloco 🥰 

If you are interested to learning how to do these projects in Carrd. We’re currently having the course at a pre-order price of $49.99. Grab it now! 

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