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Sarah Mei
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A challenge. *cracks knuckles*

I LOVE these kind of investigative projects! But there is another more important reason, besides the pure challenge of it, to FULLY fix these sorts of issues.

In my experience, something like this is a sign that there is a serious problem with our mental model of the system. There’s something we’re missing, and it’s probably fundamental.

SOMETHING is depending on this.

Maybe there’s some metaprogramming we’re not aware of - in which case, what else does it do?? (Spoiler alert: way more than you want it to)

Maybe there’s an issue with how this gets laid out in memory - in which case, what else could go wrong?? (Spoiler alert: E V E R Y T H I N G)

This kind of code goes way beyond a “code smell.” When I see something like this, I smell a gas leak.

Maybe there’s a bug in the runtime you’re depending on. Stuff of nightmares 😬

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