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Sarah Mei
+ Your AuthorsArchive @sarahmei Software engineer & founder of @RailsBridge and @LivableCode. Currently stirring the pot at @SalesforceUX. She/her. ✨Twitter at the speed of parenting✨ Dec. 25, 2020 1 min read

Merry Christmas. Sending extra love & support to folks who are alone for the holiday for the first time.

My dad died on Dec 25 2012, and for several years afterward, I did Christmas alone. I just couldn’t take all the celebration.

I spent those Christmases watching (sometimes live tweeting) my favorite movies, drinking entire bottles of champagne (related to the live tweeting), playing video games that I loved, and also just being sad. Sometimes I went for walks.

I hope you can do something you love.❤️

Fun fact: I have never lost as many followers in one day as I lost on the day I live tweeted ALL FIVE die hard movies 🤣


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