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For those traveling to DC on Jan. 6th, I'm a native to the area and I would like to share with you what I will be doing this time and what I have done for the last two rallies...1/

I will be taking the Metro from Maryland. I strongly recommend taking the Metro from either Maryland or Virginia because I expect roads to be closed 5 blocks around the event site. Since it is midweek, I also do not trust the garages to be open to the public. 2/

If taking the Metro, I recommend coming from the Virginia side over the Maryland side. Virginians are significantly nicer and there will be more rally attendees coming from that direction. 3/

If taking the Metro, plan on purchasing a pass from machines that are in questionable working order. If you can do this ahead of time, you will save yourself time and frustration. 4/

Living in this area, I do not put anything on my vehicle indicating that I am a conservative and leave it unattended simply because my car would be vandalized. Do so at your own risk. 5/

I have attended the last two events and I have felt perfectly safe (granted, what I lack in size, I make up for in attitude). Have a plan. Decide when you are arriving and when you are leaving. I plan on leaving around 4pm for safety and traffic reasons. 6/

DO NOT ENTER BLM PLAZA. If the Proud Boys show up this time like they did last time, there shouldn't be an issue, but please, AVOID BLM PLAZA. 7/

Do not plan on having cell service. During the last 2 events, there were so many people there, I was unable to send any outgoing messages. Plan accordingly by having meetup times & locations with your group if you get separated. 8/

- Take Metro if possible.
- Have a plan.
- Stay with a group.
- Avoid BLM Plaza
- Have fun! This is going to be historic!
#FightForTRUMP #FightForFreedom #MillionMAGAMarchJan6DC END/

Screenshot a map of DC with metro stops marked in case you’re not able to pull it up on your phone.


Update to previous thread:
Please note that I have prioritized answering DM's in case our gracious Tech Overlords decide I am no longer deserving of their platform. That being said, here are some answers to FAQ's...

For those flying in:
-Dulles (IAD): There is a Metro bus that runs from the Rosslyn Metro Station to Dulles. Shuttles, cabs and Uber are also available.
-Reagan: There is a Metro stop at this airport. Uber and cabs are also available.

-BWI: Amtrak and MARC have trains that take you directly to Union Station, which is very close to Capitol Hill and where you can then take to Metro, and Uber or cab to other destinations in DC.

Metro tips:
If you want to ride like a local, stand right, walk left. This means that while riding the escalators, stand on the right in order to allow those walking down them to pass on the left. You may even hear locals yelling this.

Remember, this is a normal workday for many in DC. Millions rely on the Metro system for their daily commute and while they are accustomed to tourists, they also really appreciate being able to get to work on time.

Metro Fare:
You will be required to purchase a SmarTrip card. These are now available online through their app. I highly encourage using this method. The machines are very confusing to use.  https://www.wmata.com/fares/mobilepay/ 

Navigating Metro: Either screenshot or print a hard copy of the Metro map. The system is very easy to navigate, some of the stations, however, are not. Pay attention to the signs on the walls and pillars indicating which line you need to access.

This may require going up an escalator and then back down another. Do not rely on the station managers to be on site or helpful.

Metro Accessibility: For those that require an elevator to access the Metro, please check the stations you will be riding to/from ahead of time to make sure that the elevators are working so that you can plan accordingly.

If you have any concerns about being “targeted” on Metro (or anywhere else in the city), I suggest carrying a backpack for your MAGA gear and to “de-Trump” as you leave the event site. I believe that this event will be historic and Patriots will be the majority.

I have asked my local law enforcement sources, and they have no knowledge that Metro might shut down. The Mayor only has jurisdiction over DC and metro goes into MD and VA. Certain stations may temp close due to overcrowding but a whole system shutdown is improbable.

Many Patriots are staying at hotels in or near the following locations:
- Convention Center (Mt. Vernon Sq. Metro)
- Capitol Hill
- National Mall
- Navy Yard
- Crystal City (Metro stop same name)
- Arlington (near Ballston metro)

There are many, many Patriots traveling solo to this event. If this applies to you, please know that you will not be alone. Chances are that you will be staying somewhere with many other Patriots. Connect with them, I am sure they will be happy to include you with their group.

Not sure about the restroom situation, but others have recommended the following apps:
Sit or Squat
Flush - The Toilet Finder

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