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I'd rephrase the lessons from this article to this:

(1) Markets don't always reflect the economy, but they always reflect optimism or pessimism about the future, which in turn may or may not be well-justified. 

(2) It pays to save/invest consistently, even in downturns, provided you also always maintain healthy cash reserves ('dry powder'). (Ps. Trying to time the market doesn't work for most people.)

(3) Plans/forecasts are less frustrating when you take them for what they are: educated guesses, not prophecies. Guess-estimating how things will pan out and working smart to get to a desired outcome is still worthwhile, but for sanity's sake, make room for randomness of outcome.

(4) Tech/software continues to excite retail investors, but other areas like education, energy, food, healthcare, financial services, logistics, etc shouldn't go amiss in a diversified portfolio.

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